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  • Amanda McGrory Takes Third in London!

    Last week, Amanda McGrory competed in both the Boston and London marathons.  After struggling with very windy conditions she came out with a solid fourth place finish in Boston on Monday, April 20th.  The following Sunday Amanda competed in the London marathon, where she placed third.  Follow Amanda's progress on her athlete facebook page or at amandamcgrory.com  

  • Countertop Education: Stone Absorbency Test

    A few weeks ago we wrote about when and how to seal your natural stone.  In that post we mentioned something called the absorption coefficient.  In case you missed that post or need a refresh, basically the absorption coefficient is how porous your natural stone surface is and how quickly it will absorb a liquid. It's important to know the absorption coefficient of your natural stone so you can choose an appropriate sealer.  Below we'll tell you how to determine how absorbent your stone is. First you'll place a few drops of water on the surface of your stone.  You'll need ...

  • Industry Update: Corian Teams With PMA

    About a year ago Corian announced that it was working on placing power mat charging stations inside of it's Corian countertop products.  Essentially allowing consumers to charge phones and tablets simply by placing them on top of the charging station discreetly hiding inside of their countertops. Corian has recently teamed up with PMA (Power Matters Alliance) in an effort to make this dream a reality.  "The company will soon begin embedding Powermat's wireless charging tech within its Corian solid surface, a synthetic granite alternative often used for countertops and installed everywhere from kitchens and meeting rooms to hospitals and research labs." With ...

  • Countertop Education: Sealing Your Natural Stone

    So you've done your research and learned that many sources suggest sealing your natural stone while others state that not all stone needs to be sealed. What now? Should you or shouldn't you seal your stone? It's simple, to maximize protection all natural stone should be sealed. The worst that can happen is that your stone may not be very porous so it only absorbs a very little amount of sealer, but that means it's still sealed! Keep reading as we break down a few ways to decide how and when you should seal your stone. 1. What type of ...

  • Countertop Education: 5 Common Quartz Questions

    For a long time granite has been the go-to surface for high end kitchens and baths, but there's a new product in town.  Quartz is slowly gaining on granite in popularity and for good reason.  A man-made surface hard enough to resist scratches, stains, and spills, Quartz is popping up all over the place.  Below we'll answer five of the most common questions about Quartz. 1. What is quartz made of? Unlike granite and marble, natural stone slabs, quartz countertops are engineered.  Primarily comprised of ground natural quartz they are ...

  • McGrory News: We’re Hiring!

    The time has come for McGrory Inc to yet again expand it's staff.  This time around we're in search of a corian fabricator and a corian fabrication trainee. Primary Responsibilities: Basic use of hand tools, table saws, power tools etc. Fundamental fabrication skills needed Requirements: Any experience is a plus but trainees are welcome to apply as well. Working Conditions: manufacturing environment. Salary/Benefits: 4 day work week, health benefits, vacation time, 401k If you or anyone you know is interested in working for McGrory Inc please follow this link to view the ad and respond via craigslist ...

  • Countertop Education: 8 Home Trends to Watch

    If you're thinking about doing a home renovation soon you might be interested in some of the new trends that have hit the market.  Though they aren't all kitchen specific, these new technologies are definitely worth looking into.   1. Smart Glass First on the list is a new technology called smart glass.  Smart glass may just mean the end of window treatments as we know them.  Containing a coating that changes from clear to opaque with low-voltage electricity, smart glass isn't yet available to the average homeowner and prices are ...

  • Industry Update: Caesarstone CEO Interview

    Just earlier this week, Caesarstone's CEO Yos Shiran took part in an exclusive interview that covered everything from coutertops to his business plan. From 2011 to 2013 the U.S. has increased from 24% to 34.6% of the sales growth for Caesarstone.  Shiran states that when compared to granite, marble, or laminate tops, Caesarstone is always going to be the best. Follow the link to read the article and find out why you might want to consider Caesarstone as your next purchase.

  • Countertop Education: Outdoor Countertops

    'Tis the season for outdoor activities and barbequing.  We’ve all seen the fabulous outdoor kitchens in home magazines and on TV, but have you ever thought about creating your own?  When it comes to the countertop for your outdoor dream kitchen, durability should be the number one priority followed by appearance. The best choices are natural stone, concrete, and tile.  Many of the other indoor products that exist, and that we offer at McGrory Inc., aren’t made to stand up to extreme outdoor conditions and when exposed to UV light the colors may change. Below we’ll break down the best choices for ...

  • Industry Update: Cambria Releases New Colors

    Cambria, the exclusive producer of Quartz in the U.S. has released a new collection of colors. These new colors, called ‘The Coastal Collection”, specialize in mixing neutral tones with striking design variations, while maintaining the appeal of Quartz. With the addition of The Coastal Collection, Cambria now boasts 103 different colors/designs with plans to continue expanding during 2014. Cambria is featuring Galloway, their newest addition to The Coastal Collection, on their website right now. Described as “deep and mysterious like the waters off a rocky coast, Galloway lure furtive glances.  It is mix of ...

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Going Green!

At McGrory Inc, we are committed to being as Eco Friendly as possible. We have started to implement some energy saving features, such as energy efficient lighting and recycled materials, to show our customers that we are 100% committed to ensuring a healthy planet for the coming generations.

15 Year Warranty!

McGrory Inc. offers a 15 year warranty on all natural stone products.

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McGrory Inc. is the exclusive dealer for Mirasol Soapstone LLC

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