Green Products

Sustainability is mainstream…a powerful concept. When materials are made with this principle in mind, an earth-friendly idea becomes a natural choice. Choosing green products means living, working, learning and playing in a healthier world. PaperStone® is committed to innovative green products that contribute to an eco-friendly, holistic lifestyle that is smart, elegant and responsible.

Ice Stone

Recycled glass & concrete

If you think all slabs are created equal, it’s time to look deeper. Is your countertop coated with plastic resin? Does it contain harmful petrochemicals? Is it made from stone or granite mined half way around the world in unknown and unregulated labor conditions? Extracted or manufactured without concern for the environment?

IceStone is the most healthy and environmentally responsible material on the market – 100% free of harmful plastics, toxic resins, and VOCs . Each slab is pre-cast in a day-lit factory that meets OSHA standards, and IceStone employees receive a living wage.

The mixing of non-toxic pigments with various glass colors and sizes results in IceStone’s versatile color palette. We have 28 available colors, but the palette is infinite. Custom color options are available for commercial projects only.

ECO™ by Cosentino

ECO™ by Cosentino is a durable surface made of 75% recycled content composed of post-industrial or post-consumer materials and is bound by an environmentally friendly resin which comes in part from corn oil. ECO by Cosentino is also an ideal substitute for natural or engineered stone.

There are other eco-friendly surfacing materials in the market today. ECO by Cosentino reutilizes materials that have reached the end of their life cycle, thus saving on the creation and consumption of natural resources. Most of the raw materials used in the creation of ECO by Cosentino are:
Materials include:
Porcelain Mirror Glass
Stone Scraps Corn


PaperStone® is known as a sustainable countertop material, but it is really much more. PaperStone® excels in a variety of creative uses from conference tabletops, signs and plaques, window sills, cutting boards and cutlery handles to furniture, restroom partitions, cabinets, indoor wall cladding and many more innovative uses.

As PaperStone® ages it will assume a pleasing, lustrous, seasoned appearance that is an inherent characteristic of the material. This is a natural progression of a natural product, resulting in a beautifully soft, rich patina. The aging process takes time and, much like fine hardwood, a deep luster will develop in areas of heavier use.


Richlite Company, a manufacturer of paper-based countertops, offers a collection of warm and natural-feeling surface materials that breathe new life into the kitchen, bath and office. Richlite’s® unique paper surfaces bring a soft and comfortable ambience to a room that’s rarely achieved through cold, hard stone and plastic solid surfaces. It’s made from environmentally sustainable resources and is an attractive, durable, long-lasting material that complements a variety of design tastes.

Stain Resistant
Generally speaking, Richlite® resists stains quite well. As with most any material, there is potential for some staining, particularly from red wines, juices, and mustard when left in contact for prolonged periods of time. Most spills and light stains may be cleaned with soap and warm water and scrubbed with a soft bristle brush. More stubborn stains may be repaired by a light refinishing of the material. Visit the Care & Maintenance area of this site for further information.

Scratch Resistant
It’s significantly harder than wood but, like most countertop materials, can, under force, be scratched or gouged. Richlite® countertops should not be used as a cutting surface. Because Richlite is a solid color all the way through, when scratches do occur, there will be no difference in color – unlike many solid surfaces where the scratch appears as a different color then the material. Use of a separate Richlite® cutting board is recommended. Most cuts, scratches and nicks can be repaired with a light refinishing. Visit the Care & Maintenance area of this site for further information.

Heat Resistant
Richlite® is heat resistant up to 350º F. Due to its high heat resistance, the material does not need additional protection near stove areas though a trivet or hot pad is recommended to ensure no damage will be caused by exceedingly hot pots and pans pulled directly out of the oven. Visit the Care & Maintenance area of this site for further information.


ALKEMI-acrylic is a beautiful and sustainable surfacing alternative, made using pre-consumer waste aluminum flake, solid surface scrap, and recycled acrylic.

With no VOC content, ALKEMI-acrylic is safe for people and friendly to the environment. EPA approved testing of ALKEMI-acrylic performed by Paradigm Environmental Services yielded no significant traces of volatile compounds. Of the more than 40 target compounds tested, the only traceable chemical revealed was acetone in amounts totaling less than 5 parts per million.

SCS certified 96% recycled content ALKEMI-acrylic contributes toward satisfying credits 4.1 and 4.2 under LEED®.

ALKEMI-acrylic may be fabricated and installed by qualified solid surface professionals using conventional tools and methods. Versatile and practical, it is the perfect surfacing material alternative for both horizontal and vertical decorative interior surface applications.

ALKEMI-acrylic is a testament of our company’s commitment to continually develop and bring to market the most innovative and design driven, environmentally beneficial and sustainable materials.

Going Green!

At McGrory Inc, we are committed to being as Eco Friendly as possible. We have started to implement some energy saving features, such as energy efficient lighting and recycled materials, to show our customers that we are 100% committed to ensuring a healthy planet for the coming generations.

15 Year Warranty!

McGrory Inc. offers a 15 year warranty on all natural stone products.

Exclusive Dealer!

McGrory Inc. is the exclusive dealer for Mirasol Soapstone LLC

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